Medical Tattooing

Scar Rejuvination (MCA Dry Needling)

A fantastic treatment which benefits the texture and appearance of scar tissue, fine lines and wrinkles by encouraging blood circulation back to the surface with specialised skin needling techniques.

Multi treatment process, discussed at consultation.

Duration Varies - from £100 - price on consultation

Areola Reconstruction

Helping people Re build confidence and seek closure or 'wholeness' by replacing the colour to the nipple where nature or misfortune has taken it away.

Suitable for post cancer patients, congenital defects or injury.

Full consultation must be carried out.

2 Hours - Price on consultation

Scalp Micropigmentation

Tiny dots of pigment are placed within the scalp to give the appearance of fuller, thicker hair. Great for both men and women experiencing balding, alopecia, trauma, sparse or fine hair or an uneven hair line.

Multi treatment process.

2 Hours - from £350

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