Brows and Lashes

Henna Brows

An amazing alternative to general Tinting & Permanent Brows.

Henna stains the skin for upto 2 weeks and holds to the hair for upto 8 weeks. It also encourages natural hair growth by 60%!!!

1 hour and up - £20

Natural Hair Stroke Brows (Digital Microblading)

The most natural look you can achieve. Weather you are suffering from uneven, over plucked brows, scarring, chemotherapy or alopecia. Individual brow strokes will completely alter and enhance the shape and look of your facial features.

2 hours 30 minutes - £325

Powdered Brows

Powdered brows are for those who prefer a more solid brow. It appears soft and mimics a make up pencilled look. Includes 2 sessions.

2 hours 30 minutes - £295

Ombre Brows

The head of the brow is faded gradually into the tail of the brow. It gives a more defined and much fuller but subtle, powdered finish than a hair stroke brow. Includes 2 sessions.

2 hours 30 mins - £295

Lash Enhancement

For the natural looking eye that requires that 'something' but still want to achieve a subtle look.

Tiny dots of pigment are implanted in the lash line to make them appear fuller and darker.

1 hour 30 minutes - £180

Correction & Removal

A consultation must be carried out to assess what needs to be done to ensure we can meet you're expectations.

The Correction and Removal process is highly effective but can take multiple treatments.

1 hour 10 minutes - Starts at £80

Colour Boosts (Existing VIP Customers)

After a while, your brows will fade. To keep them looking new and fresh we recommend having a colour boost/annual top up.

You will need a consultation before having any treatment to be able to meet your expectations. Boots available post 6 months treatment.

2 Hours - From £150 per session

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